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Healing Expressions - By Mike & Jill Mollenhauer

Authored by Michael Mollenhauer
Paintings by Jill Mollenhauer
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When consciously created art and energy are in perfect unison dramatic shifts are possible. In Healing Expressions, by author Michael Mollenhauer, healing is taken to realms beyond known dimensions. Working in conjunction with artist Jill Mollenhauer, this collaborative effort of brother and sister, is explosive in its use of color, line, and form to aid in healing beyond current understanding.

True Healing and Awakening creates a space of empowerment from which all may experience freedom, happiness, health, wealth and love. It is healing on all levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Healing symbols are energetic keys that help open the flow of energy. Michael has been effectively using these symbols in his healing sessions since they were brought to him in meditation. These symbols, or energy maps, have specific purposes, some of which are aiding in physical and emotional healing, manifesting desires, connecting spiritually and personal growth.

Jill has an uncanny ability to capture the energy intrinsic within these symbols in her own works of art. Presented in combination with Michael’s original symbols and the Divinely channeled messages that accompany them, they offer a powerful healing experience. These symbols are being brought back now, specifically in this time and place, as there are healings for areas in life that we cannot yet imagine. These symbols will help create openings, which will pave the way for what is to come. Experience the power, passion and healing of this synergistic play.

Jill and Michael are so excited to share their book on Healing, Remembering and Awakening with you. It is their wish that the Healing Expressions, contained on these pages, will bring you at least some of the joy, opening and healing that they have experienced. Their greatest desire is for everyone to discover the incredible, omnipotent soul within us all.


Healing with Symbols
Michael Mollenhauer is an intuitive energy healer, teacher and spiritual channel. “By healing
ourselves within, not only can we heal our bodies but also our relationships and life situations.” Using symbols he has channeled along with his energetic and intuitive abilities Michael focuses on any physical or emotional areas that need attention enabling the healing to begin from within.

About the Painted Symbols
Jill Mollenhauer, Michael's sister and a San Diego based artist, has an uncanny ability to capture the energy intrinsic in Michael's symbols within her own works of art. A professional artist/muralist for over 30 years, Jill is experienced in a wide variety of mediums. "Creating is a natural extension of the soul. I invite you to come and play."

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