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The coloring so vibrant and beautiful! Hot
Hi Jill,

Laughter arrived today! You are right! It is so much more powerful in person! The coloring is so vibrant and beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you, from the center of my heart. Speaking of laughter ... have you seen this yet?


Love & light,


Caleb Crosby
CIC Solutions
We love the paintings. Hot
We love the paintings. We brought them to our place in Cardiff and the depth of the Young Artist painting enthralls us even more. Your bright Table painting with the empty chairs just makes me want to be alive and not miss anything. (They are) Portals indeed. Thank you, Jill!

Cliff and Marie Hershman
San Diego, CA
We've had nothing but compliments! Hot
Hi Jill,

People just love the finished bathroom and the beautiful mural. We have had nothing but complements! Thanks again for doing such a beautiful job for us. We just love it.

Sonya and Richard Harris
San Diego, CA
Thanks for Your Outstanding Contributions Hot
Thank you so much for your outstanding contribution(s) to our annual Holiday event…

Thank you, Jill, for your cheerful dedication. I hope we can work together again.

San Diego Historical Society
K. Porter
San Diego, 2-89
More Beautiful Than Anything We Could Have Envisioned Hot
Hi Jill,

Of course we can go on and on about you and your work!

You are so easy to work with and always willing to do whatever we want. This includes painting the front of our refrigerator with a garden scene far more beautiful than anything we could have envisioned. The childhood highchair you painted is a show piece in our kitchen, even though our grandchildren have outgrown sitting in one. The best part is your wonderful personality. Having you here is like having a dear relative spending time beautifying whatever you are working on. You are responsible and punctual with completion of every project.

Jill, on another note, our Garden Angel is really cute with an umbrella and wheelbarrow arrangement. Many thanks!


Carol and Mike Brewer
San Diego, CA 8-07
No Wonder He's Always In A Good Mood!
My son Jack, wakes up to see Jill’s artwork everyday. No wonder he’s always in a good mood!

Kellye McGarry
Georgia, 8-07
Expertly Crafted What We Were Seeking To Achieve Hot
As past satisfied art clients, we feel that Jill had good instincts in comprehending the desired effect we were attempting to achieve.

She spent time with us determining what we wanted to create. She submitted a drawing of what she had envisioned for our consideration. The rendering was excellent and she proceeded with the final work. In her work for us, Jill expertly crafted what we were seeking to achieve. It was to bring an ‘old’ Italian feel into our outside area.

Jill is, we feel, imaginative and talented. We were very satisfied with the results she achieved and, accordingly we are pleased to recommend her.

The Taylors
San Diego, 8-07
Extremely Happy With The Results Hot
…I am extremely happy with the results. This set is a legacy which I want to be passed down for several generations. Without Jill's extremely fine work this wish of mine would never have become a possibility.

Lynn Evenson McFadden
San Diego, 8-07
A Plain Piece of Cabinetry is Now a Work of Art Hot
I have the privilege of having some beautiful artwork from the talented artist Jill Mollenhauer grace my home. She is versatile and can paint on anything. She did a lovely ocean scene on the walls of my bathroom and each sea creature is painted so realistically and beautifully. It is now a lovely room and when I repose in my tub, I am surrounded by a scene of the sea. She also painted a stereo cabinet that was in an awkward place with a lovely scene of water lilies and matched the colors perfectly to fit the room. A plain piece of cabinetry is now a work of art and a focal point in my living room. Thanks Jill for making my home reflect the beauty of nature indoors.


Jeri Koltun
San Diego, 8-07
Drinking In The Waves of Love Hot
This day I am open wide and truly drinking in the waves of love that are flowing to me. I woke up and looked at Divine Heart and felt so much love Jill- thank you for your expressions they are so moving! What a great way to start my special day! :))

S. B.
AZ, 12-09
A Talented and Intuitive Artist Hot
Hello Jill,

Thank you very much for sharing your artwork with us and the world. I enjoyed our conversations as well. You are a talented and intuitive artist. I'd enjoy seeing more of your work in 2010!


Chris G
EC Galleries
San Diego, 1-10
I Love It! Hot
Hi Jill,

I am so happy to have another piece of your unbelievably beautiful work, I love it!


San Diego, 6-10
Your Work is So Transformational Hot
Your work is so transformational. I can't wait to hear all the comments and sales you receive from strangers who are moved by what you do.

You are an inspiration!


Karen Jolly
Scottsdale, AZ
Can't Thank You Enough Hot
I can't thank you enough for coming through in such a professional way. On time (early!) and under budget (remember, I had put in $200 for materials). And Deb is thrilled - which was one of my goals, of course, since it's her vision that you brought to life.

Your openness to having visitors traipse through your work area and your excitement about your work have been a delight to everyone on our campus. I can't wait to see the kids' eyes on their first day in there!


Susan J.
Faith Community Church
San Diego, 11-10
As If They Were Always Meant To Be There Hot

It was a sheer pleasure to meet you the other day and get a chance to look at your wonderful garden art. We have since installed the teapot and its accompanying two teacups in our “kitchen” garden spot as well as the large cup and plate with utensils in my Mom’s memorial garden. Everything “fits” beautifully in their new garden home, just as if they were always meant to be there. I love looking at them, and so does my husband (a nice bonus for me). They add a lot of cheer!

Thank you so much.

CA, 4-09
The Teapot Completed the Vignette Hot

I'll treasure your teapot and cup/saucer every time I look out the kitchen window.

The teapot completed the vignette. My husband loved it and remarked on your good metal working.

Wendy N.
CA, 4-09
Looks Fabulous in the Back Yard Hot
Hi Jill,

We received it (Garden Angel) last Friday, as promised, and it looks absolutely fabulous in the back yard. We thought we would want it indoors, but it looks so much better among the spring flowers, there was no question! And, you are correct! When I open the blinds in the morning and look out and see my tea set, it really does begin my day with a smile! As soon as I can download some photos, I will forward them to you.

Thanks again!

E & A
FL, 5-09
Looks Super Wherever We Put It Hot
Hi Jill,

We have our ‘angel’ in it’s new home---we keep moving it around and am still not sure it’s in the right place yet! But, it looks super wherever we put it. We love it and are so thrilled to own one. Especially, since it is from our lovely friends and goddaughter. Thanks again.

Carole B.
San Diego, 7-09
Thrilled with My Garden Angels Hot
Jill.... I am thrilled with my Garden Angels...just checked your website and I resonate with your philosophy and would love to have a garden FULL of angels! Just gotta get the garden in better shape but now I'm motivated to do it. Thanks for adding beauty to my life.

Barb S.
CA, 11-09
Can't Look At It Without Smiling
I just packed my garden angel for winter storage and wanted to tell you again what joy it brings me. You can't look at it without smiling and I look forward to seeing it again next spring. For the next few months we'll enjoy the snow and all the fun activities it brings while enduring those not quite so much fun - driving, scooping, etc. Enjoy your beautiful California weather and I'll be happy with the variety the seasons bring us here.

Barb B.
Nebraska, 11-09
I Smile Every Time
Hi Jill,

I still love my Garden Angel. I smile every time I look at it. It makes me so happy.

Take care,

San Diego, 3/10
My Mom LOVES Her Garden Angel
Hi Jill!

I just received your postcard...my mom LOVES her garden angel. Thanks again!!

CA, 4/10
We Loved Your Work
Thanks, Jill

We loved your work -- I am inspired to complete our yard work and then embellish!
A Hero Thanks to You
…She called me today after it (Garden Angel) arrived. I'm a hero thanks to you.

San Diego, 7/10
You are Truly Blessed with a Talent
Hi Jill ~

Just a short note of thanks from Jim and I for the two beautiful Garden Angel art pieces that Jim purchased from you today. You are truly blessed with a talent of which you should be very proud! We have placed our pieces in the backyard; and, they look lovely. The one piece with the fish on the teapot is in a corner of our yard sitting in front of a cream colored vinyl fence. When the sun shines on the piece, it casts a shadow of the teapot and cups against the fence. It actually looks like there is tea pouring out of the pot into the cup......AWESOME!

Keep doing what you do to make these incredible yard art pieces for all to
enjoy. I have sent your latest email to a few of my neighbors and friends.

Hopefully, they will be giving you a call to purchase one of these beauties.

Take care and hope to see you again in the future.

Warm regards,

P. & J. B.
San Diego, 8/10
Love It! Hot
LOVE IT! Thanks so much!

L.C. - San Diego
My Aunt Loves Her Beautiful Garden Angel Hot
Hi Jill~

Just wanted to let you know that Aunt Mary received her beautiful Garden Angel today (all in one piece) and loves it!!!!! She didn't have any trouble at all putting it together - thanks to your wonderful directions. She said that she just loves looking out her living room window at the lovely teapot and cups. She was totally impressed with your talents and artistry.

Thank you very much for helping to brighten up her life and yard with one of your beautiful pieces of art.

San Diego, 11/10
Huge Smile on My Face Hot
Jill, the Garden Angels look absolutely fabulous in my backyard! They put a huge smile on my face every time I get a glimpse of them. They are whimsical and charming yet still works of art and the combination is infectious-I want more, more, more!!!! Thanks again for 'completing' my garden!

Stacey F.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
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